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Central Vacuum and Built-in-Vacuum in Bend, OR

We are pleased to be offering the best combination of central vacuum and built-in vacuum products and services in the Bend, OR and central Oregon areas. Gary Phillips founded our company over 30 years ago with the motto, “delightfully exceeding expectations at all times,” and we still try our best to live up to that standard.

Here’s something that may surprise you – we believe every home in America should have a central vacuum system. In fact, we’re on a mission! If you’ve had a central vacuum system in your home you already know why we believe this because every day our customers tell us that they never want to live in a home again without a central vacuum system. And if you haven’t had a central vacuum system, you should know that our central vacuum systems deliver a substantial health benefit when compared to a portable vacuum. That’s because central vacuum systems do not exhaust into the air you’re breathing and that’s why they’ve been shown to reduce allergy symptoms by 60%! That’s a valuable benefit for everyone, and especially for children and their developing lungs.

Hide-A- Hose – The Convenience of Retractable Hoses

Around the year 2000 we began offering a product that solved the one thing about central vacuum systems that frustrated a lot of people – dealing with the hose. That’s when we started offering the retractable Hide-A-Hose system. Our Hide-A-Hose system uses the suction of the system to retract the hose back into the pipe in the wall. When you’re done vacuuming, just put your hand on the end of the hose to seal the system and watch the hose zip back into the wall. With Hide A Hose, the hose can be up to 50’ long, so each wall inlet covers about 2000 sq ft. With Hide-A-Hose, there’s nothing to break or wear out because we’re just using the suction of the system to retract the hose. Super convenient and – fun! Seriously, just wait until the first time you see the hose zip back into the wall, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have a big grin on your face. And that’s the reason that everyone who gets a Hide A Hose system can’t wait to show their friends and family. If you’d like to see Hide-A-Hose in action, click this link,  to open a two minute YouTube video.

VACUFLO, An H-P Products Company

As America’s largest central vacuum dealer; we service all brands of central vacuum systems, but we specialize in selling, installing, and servicing VACUFLO central vacuum systems in existing and new construction homes and businesses and in RVs and boats. Over the past 30 years we’ve installed over 40,000 central vacuum systems. We’re very proud of our relationship with VACUFLO, which is America’s largest manufacturer of central vacuum systems. Like our company, VACUFLO is also a family-owned business, founded over 60 years ago in Ohio. They have focused on designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality central vacuum systems, which is why they are able to offer the best warranties in the industry.



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Gary’s VACUFLO in Bend, OR – Central Vacuum – Built-In-Vacuums – Hide-A-Hose

Because we were getting an increasing number of requests for installation and service in central Oregon, we opened our Bend office in 2005. This office is open Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10 am and by appointment. If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 541-330-6729. This is our first central Oregon office where we sell and install central vacuum systems in new and existing homes and businesses throughout the region.  Whether you prefer the retractable, Hide-A-Hose system or the Standard system, where you plug the hose into the wall for vacuuming, we are ready to provide. Also, we service all brands of built-in vacuums from our office or one of our factory-trained Technicians can come to your home or business.