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Central Vacuum & Built-in-Vacuum in Portland OR

For over 30 years, Gary’s VACUFLO has offered the best combination of central vacuum and built-in vacuum products and services in the Portland, OR area. Founded with the motto, “delightfully exceeding expectations at all times,” we look forward to serving you.

Our customers love their central vacuum systems – and we’re not exaggerating. If you’ve had one of our central vacuum systems in your home you’re probably not surprised to hear this. Over and over again customers tell us that they never want to live in a home again without a central vacuum system. And if you’ve not had a central vacuum system, probably the best reason to make that investment is the substantial health benefit when compared to a portable vacuum, which is blowing exhaust into the air you’re breathing. Scientific studies have shown that getting rid of that vacuum exhaust can improve indoor air quality so much that allergy symptoms can be reduced by 60%! That’s a valuable benefit for everyone, and especially for children and their developing lungs.

Hide-A- Hose – The Convenience of Retractable Hoses

Many of our customers also tell us they love their central vacuum system because they don’t have to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house. And that’s with a Standard central vacuum system, where you plug a 35’ hose into the wall for vacuuming. But wait, there’s more! About 15 years ago we started offering even more convenience with our Hide-A-Hose system, which uses the suction of the vacuum system to retract the hose back into the pipe in the wall. When you’re done vacuuming, just put your hand on the end of the hose to seal the system and watch the hose zip back into the wall. Because the Hide A Hose system makes working with the hose so much easier, the hose can be up to 50’ long, covering about 2000 sq ft. And there’s nothing to break or wear out because we’re just using the suction of the system to retract the hose back into the pipe in the wall. Convenient and fun; it’s just about guaranteed that the first time you see the hose zip into the wall, you’ll have a grin on your face. If you’d like to see Hide-A-Hose in action, click this link,  to open a two minute YouTube video.


While we service all brands of central vacuums, we are very pleased to be America’s largest VACUFLO dealer because that gives us the ability to offer the highest quality VACUFLO central vacuum systems. Founded in 1966 as a family-owned business in Ohio, VACUFLO is still owned and run by the same family. For over 60 years they’ve focused on designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality central vacuum systems, which is why they are able to offer the best warranties in the industry. Gary’s VACUFLO specializes in selling and installing VACUFLO central vacuum systems in existing and new construction homes and businesses and in RVs and boats. So far, we’ve installed over 40,000 central vacuum systems.



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Gary’s VACUFLO in Portland, OR – Central Vacuum – Built-In Vacuums – Hide-A-Hose

This is our company’s headquarters office where we sell and install central vacuum systems in new and existing homes and businesses throughout the Portland and Vancouver areas.  We’re happy to offer the convenience of retractable hoses with our Hide-A-Hose systems or, many people still prefer the Standard system, where you plug the hose into the wall for vacuuming. We have an extensive show room where you can view and try many of our VACFLO and Hide-A-Hose products along with a service desk that can take care of almost any service issue you might have. Please stop by to learn more about how our central vacuum systems can work for you.