Cleaning Kits

E-Class Cleaning Team - Gary's Vacuflo Cleaning Kits

The E-Class Cleaning Team

Comes with either a 30ft. hose or a 35ft. hose, caddy bag, TurboCat Powerhead, and 4 additional tools.

Set# 001 includes the 30ft hose

Set# 002 includes the 35ft. hose


The Edge Electric Powerhead Kit

Includes the Edge Electric Powerhead; 30 ft. Electric Hose; Telescopic Chrome Wand; Bare Floor Brush; Crevice Tool; Dusting and Upholstery Tool; Caddy Bag, and Wire Hose Rack.

Set# 39 includes the 35ft Hose

Set# 40 includes the 30ft Hose


The Garage Kit

Includes 30ft Ultralite Hose, Dusting and Upholstry Tool, Floor Brush, Crevice Tool, Friction Fit Wands and Mesh Caddy Bag.

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