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5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Central Vacuum System

5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Central Vacuum System

If you’ve never lived in a home with a central vacuum system, you may not fully understand all the benefits it has to offer. But once you’ve experienced one firsthand, it’s easy to see why central vacuum systems are so popular with homeowners. For more than three decades, Gary’s Vacuflo has been transforming Portland-area homes… Read more.

What Homeowners Really Think About Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum System

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve heard about a home having a central vacuum system but wondered, what is it? Does it really work? Is it something that you should have in your home? What do homeowners really thing about Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum System? Let’s review. First, you might be wondering what a central… Read more.

5 Reasons to Add a Central Vacuum System to a New Construction Home

Who doesn’t love to vacuum? Dragging the heavy machinery around the house. The motor screaming loud enough to scare every dog in the neighborhood. The dust blowing back into your face and really kicking your allergies into full gear. Trying to get into hard to reach areas, only to yank the cord out of the… Read more.